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Residential and Commercial Virtual Tours
   As a Louisville KY and Southern Indiana residential and commercial virtual tour provider, we feel your vision is our vision. eTourVision offers state of the art HD photography and virtual tour services to real estate brokers, home builders, architects, interior designers and any other type of retail or commercial establishments. We can provide you with everything that is needed to make your virtual tour the best there is to offer to your visitors including your own web address as your virtual tour web address.

Walk-in customers. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
    The virtual tour provider you choose will help you meet many potential buyers or customers that have already chosen your property or business due to the information they have been provided with your virtual tour. No one will work harder or provide more ways for you to get your real estate or business Virtual Tour information out there onto every computer, laptop or cell phone, as well as signage for all those who drive by.

   We believe the role as your Virtual Tour provider  is to get the best possible professional images for use in 180° and 360° views with a complete indoor and outdoor photo shoot that includes high definition (HD) images of every possible feature and angle of the property or business. Our tours support an unlimited amount of images and panoramas and can include aerial or elevated shots for that bird’s eye view.

Be sure to visit the Residential & Commercial pages to view samples of some of the available features we have to offer.

Committed to ongoing training:

   There are many different ways out there for creating virtual tours and a wide variety of continuing training helps us deliver high quality tours to our customers and clients. We have seen lots of styles of equipment and how it’s used and have made the decision not to make any compromise when it comes to quality. So we use top of the line high definition cameras and equipment to get the best tour possible. This gives our clients the tools they need to secure their client's interest using today's most advanced virtual tour technology.

Dedicated to your needs:

   Because real estate transactions and outside weather doesn’t stick to regular business hours, we are available seven days a week. Often shooting on Saturdays and Sundays staying to do what is necessary to get the job done and to get the best results possible. We will work your schedule and at a time that is convenient to you.

Floor Plans:

2D View
   Floor plans can be created in 2D or 3D with our virtual tour services. Already have a floor plan? We can scan and upload it directly into you tour complete with hot spots and radars and even connect it to Google Maps. If you do not have any floor plans they are easy and free to create using software available on the internet.
3D View
Go to Homestyler and sign up for your own free account and then email us the supplied link when you're finished. We simply export your completed plan and use it in your virtual tour. This works for any commercial or residential virtual tour.

Pole Aerial Photography (PAP)

   Pole Aerial Photography is where we use an extended height pole to shoot at higher angles than what can be done from eye level. Elevated shots of the front of homes and buildings are extremely important. The view is something you don't normally see which helps your virtual tour or photo gallery stand out among the others. We provide a cost effective low-level aerial photography

Normal image

Elevated 20 feet
service from the ground. By getting the camera off of the ground, you can show a large building or home within its surroundings instead of towering above everything or even hidden in the trees. Take a look at the sample provided here and see for yourself the difference an elevated shot can make.

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